The Michigan Athletics Career Center (MACC) is committed to the career development of the University of Michigan Student-Athletes through comprehensive and transformative experiences that empower the Leaders and Best. We provide opportunities to engage with a global network and create relationships that foster a lifetime of success.

Career Ventures

Career Ventures

The Career Ventures are designed to give student-athletes a transformative opportunity to visit, network, and learn company cultures. These experiences are experiential learning opportunities for students in desired areas of study that will broaden their career focus.

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Serving communities at home and beyond

Michigan Student-Athletes partners with Nunbelievable to serve the NYC homeless community.

candid careers

Candid Careers is an industry database with short 1-3 minute video clips that helps students explore career-related ideas and opportunities from industry professionals. These videos provided an exploration of job descriptions, college majors, industries, and life after sports.
Real People + Real Experiences = Really Good Career Advice!


The Wolverine Network

Allows student-athletes to connect with mentors, donors and University of Michigan alumni.

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Law U
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Law U. provides student-athletes, interested in Law, with opportunities to explore various types of law practices before they decide to submit law school applications.

Dr's In
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The Dr. Is. In program advises student-athletes about career choices in the medical field and prepare those who are interested for admission and important research.

Business Inc
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Business Inc.

A multi-faceted program that provides mentoring, exposure, and preparation for career choices in the business and financial industries.

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Brianna Nelson

"The MACC has been such a useful resource for me throughout my athletic
career. The team is so willing to help develop student-athletes professionally
while they are performing at a competitive level. The MACC team prioritizes
professional development of the student-athletes which ultimately reduce
athletes stress about post graduate plans. I think that every student-athlete
should take advantage of the opportunity to be connected with the MACC. It's
one of many reasons why being a student-athlete at the University of Michigan is
an unmatched experience."

Brianna Nelson - Track & Field

Arielle Weissman

“Throughout my experience as a student-athlete, the MACC has always
adapted their approach to cater towards my career goals and real world
aspirations. The MACC has made the greatest impact on how I see myself
as a leader but more important off the field as who I truly am.”

Arielle Weissman - Lacrosse


"It’s been a pleasure working with Maurice Washington, Julie Fielding and the
rest of the MACC team. Their commitment to student development and
connecting students to internship opportunities can be seen through their
consistent communication about opportunities to engage with students and
intern referral sources to corporate sponsors like the University of Michigan
Credit Union. They are truly a resource for student-athletes at the University
of Michigan."

Tiffani Commander - University of Michigan Credit Union

Allison Moody/Lilly

""I have been overwhelmingly impressed with the efforts by the MACC to
help student athletes, not only in their career searches, but also in
preparing them for the “working world”. They have been incredibly
supportive of our efforts in recruiting top U of M student athlete
talent...from workshops, to informational sessions to micro-projects that
received attention from the BIG10 Conference - their support has been

Alison Moody - Lilly

Kevin Buca

"The MACC has been a fantastic resource for me to develop myself professionally and to find exciting job and internship opportunities. The MACC team is dedicated to setting up all student-athletes for success, regardless of their career path. I am extremely thankful for the workshops, seminars, career fairs, and mentoring that the MACC provides for student-athletes!"

Kevin Buca - Soccer

Vail Hartman

"My experiences with the MACC have been the most valuable part
of the four years I spent as a student-athlete at the University of
Michigan. The MACC has been there with me every step of the way
—from helping me build my first resume, to preparing me to work
full time on Wall Street. I owe the MACC a debt of gratitude for all
they have done to place me on a path towards a career filled with success."

Vail Hartman - Track & Field

Todd Blackburn/Ford

"Working with the MACC team has been extremely rewarding both
professionally and personally. Whether it be leveraging the student-athletes
in the program to help us create solutions to real world concerns or the
traditional hiring of soon to be graduates, there is no doubt that Ford Motor
Company has reaped benefits from our partnership. On a personal level, I’ve
truly enjoyed the opportunity that I’ve been provided to help mentor and
guide some of the student-athletes that I’ve met. I look forward to continuing
and strengthening our collaboration in the coming years."

Todd Blackburn - Ford

Mike Grimaldi/Dominos

“Working with the Michigan Athletics Career Center is one of the
highlights of Campus Recruiting season. The MACC allows employers to work directly with student athletes on career development, professional etiquette, while building relationships that will last throughout the duration of their college career. It has been a pleasure working with Maurice and Julie over the course of the past two years as they continue to grow this robust, one-of-a- kind career center within Michigan athletics. The MACC is an amazing resource and I’m very excited to continue watching its growth and engagement over the next several years!”

Mike Grimaldi - Domino's