I'm a rising Junior at Ross School of Business. MACC helped me a lot with searching my internship, building a strong network, and preparing for interviews. They understand student-athlete's unique schedule and provide help based on each athlete's need. With their help, I successfully found a marketing internship for this summer, where I can make to all of my practice and do my work when I have time. M-ACC makes finding internship much easier and less stressful.

Rose Bi

Class of 2020, Women's Swim and Dive

The “Dr. Is In” program has greatly alleviated the pressure and anxiety of the medical school application process. Dr. Wasco has generously donated his time to help student’s navigate life after graduation. He truly wants what is best for each student and will do anything to help get them there.  Dr. Wasco posses a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, and truly exemplifies what it means to live a “life of service." I encourage anyone interested in the medical field to take advantage of this opportunity.

Madeleine DeClercq

Julie helped me create a professional resume that I could feel proud of. After working with MACC, I am very confident when handing my resume to future employers. She helped me figure out what was special about my resume and we built off of that.

Colin DeShaw

Men's Swimming and Diving

As I am about to start my transition into the work force, it is scary leaving behind my identity as an “athlete.” Coaches have pushed us our whole lives to excel in our sport & i am so grateful we have career coaches that help push us to succeed after our athletic career is over. Julie has pushed me to put myself out there and has taught me how I can use my skills as a student-athlete to get a job.

Mackenzie Nemitz

Softball Senior '19

By Partnering with MACC, I have helped 7 former football student-athletes earn jobs at some of the top technology firms in the world. I couldn’t be more happy with all the success M | PACT has had so far and things are only going to continue to grow. It’s great to be a Michigan Wolverine!

Tim North


We as a company know MACC is best for achieving our desired result because of the amazing team within the M | PACT office and the caliber of talent in the students at University of Michigan. We look forward to continuing our partnership with M | PACT and meeting many more future Coyotes!

Danielle Weizman

COYOTE Logistics

The MACC team at University of Michigan have made an incredible impact in our ability to connect with students on campus. They’ve taken the time to understand who we are as an organization and aspire to pair the right students with the right opportunities.

Natalie Chumakov