About the Zirin Family

 Jonathan Zirin (BA ’90, Univ. of Michigan) , Executive Vice President and one of the Owners of national staffing firm Elite Staffing, and his wife Lisa (BA ’89, Univ. of IL, MS ’91 Wheelock College) are passionate about making sure all students, and in this case our Student Athletes, are well prepared for their career path once they leave Ann Arbor. Jon said, “My four years at UM were filled with amazing professors, fabulous courses and the greatest friends in the world. Balancing the demands of college student life can be challenging.  Imagine if you had the additional responsibilities of a student athlete? How do they find the time off the practice field for not only course work, but planning for life once their time as an athlete at Michigan comes to an end?”

“Being in the staffing/career/employment industry has reinforced how important it is for young people to take that first step towards a career with a better idea of what awaits them once the final whistle of collegiate athletics has sounded. We hope our gift will help provide some of the tools to help in their journey.”

Jon and Lisa reside in Highland Park, Illinois with their two children Josh and Lily.

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